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How to Repost a Story on Instagram (Even if You’re not Tagged!)

Learn how to repost a Story on Instagram, even if you aren’t tagged, as well as creative more tips for repurposing content.

Posted 1 year ago
repost a story on instagram

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Julia Cohen
Posted 1 year ago
Repurposing content on Instagram is one of the best hacks to make your posts go even further, with little effort.
Reposting a story or a feed post is also a great way to build new connections with other brands and engage with your followers. Using someone else’s content (where relevant) can help fill the gaps in your content calendar, whilst also adding value to your followers’ feeds.
But many Instagram users believe you can only repost content if you’ve been tagged in it. This just isn’t true!
It’s possible to reshare a story or a post – even if you aren’t tagged! In this guide, Flick will guide you through how to repost a story on Instagram. Ready? Let’s go!

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  1. Why repost stories and posts on Instagram?

Why repost stories and posts on Instagram?

Repurposing other people’s content for your Instagram Stories feed is a great way to keep posting when you don’t have any original material ready to go.
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri believes that brands and creators should be publishing at least two posts on their stories. This helps improve your account’s engagement and keeps your brand relevant with followers.
However, creating this regular stream of content can be challenging. That’s why we suggest reposting stories and Instagram posts created by other people.
This content can come from:
  • Other creators on the platform, including partner brands or even competitors.
  • Or your followers/fans – especially to share interesting creations related to your brand.
How does this strategy work in practice?
repost instagram story
Well – for example – the English rock band Muse regularly uses Instagram stories to share covers and mashups of their latest songs. They weave this strategy with their singles release cycles to generate hype for recently released singles or albums.
By leveraging user-generated content (UGC) creators like Muse can keep regularly posting to their stories without having to create new assets every day.
By turning to your community and sharing some followers’ creations, you begin to build a rapport with your audience.
When you reshare a story from a fan, it encourages other followers to create content related to your brand and share it with you – further improving engagement!
For businesses, resharing posts from happy customers sharing your product is a great social proof tool too! Resharing through Instagram stories is a great way to authentically get testimonials in front of potential customers.
Simply put, if visitors see genuine customers loving the product on your story, they’re far more likely to buy from you – maybe even through your Instagram Shop!

How to repost a Story on Instagram when you are tagged 🏷

To repost an Instagram Story you’ve been tagged in, go to your DMs and navigate to the user who has tagged you in a Story.
Here, you should be able to see a button that says ‘Add to Your Story’. Tap this button, and Instagram will open up your Story editor, where you can resize the picture or video you are resharing, as well as overlay stickers, text or any other elements you want to add.

How to repost a Story on Instagram when you aren’t tagged 🤔

To repost a Story on Instagram that you aren’t tagged in, you have two options, depending on whether the Story is a video or a static image. If it’s just an image, navigate to the Story you want to repost, long press (hold down on the story, so that the Story appears without the profile name, share button etc.) and screenshot the image.
If you want to reshare a video to your Instagram Story, start a screen recording, navigate to the Story you want to repost, and long-press throughout the duration of it so that the screen recording saves the Story as its own original video. Head to the screen recording you just made, and edit/crop the video to the desired length.
REMEMBER 💡 If you are sharing a Story that isn’t your original content or you haven’t been tagged in, you should always ask the poster for permission or tag them, so it doesn’t look like you are passing it off as your own work!

How to repost a feed post on your Instagram Story 📖

You can also repost a piece of content to your Instagram Story, that isn’t already an existing Story, and is instead, a feed post or Reel. This can be a great way of sharing other creators’ content and a way to engage with your audience by reposting content you know they will relate to or love. To do this, just navigate to the post that you want to reshare to your Instagram Story.
In the bottom right-hand corner, you should see a small arrow button called the ‘share’ button. When you click this, there should be an option to share the content directly to your Story, which you can then resize and overlay text onto. This will also include the original posters’ handle, so they can get credit for the original content.
repost ig story not tagged
💡This will not work if the profile is private, or they have their sharing permissions off. If you’d like to share a piece of content from a profile like this, you should always ask them for permission.

How to reshare a feed post on Instagram without watermarks 👀

You can also repost a piece of content to your Instagram Story that isn’t linked to a post and doesn’t have the user profile’s watermark. Before doing this, we again strongly recommend asking the original poster for permission, before using or changing their image/post in any way.
To do this, you will need to use an external converter site. Navigate to the post you’d like to share, click the ‘…’ icon on Instagram, and select ‘Copy Link.’ Go to a site like ingramer.com on your desktop or the Repost App on your phone, and paste the link in. This will provide you with a downloadable file of the content, that you can then reshare on your own channels.

How to repost an Instagram Story to your feed 📸

Have an Instagram Story that did SO well, you want it to live forever on your profile? You can also share your Instagram Stories directly to your feed. Here’s how to do it:
Head to the Story you want to repost. Click the ‘…’ icon and then click ‘share as post’. This will directly open Instagram’s editing tool, where you can crop, resize and add effects and filters before publishing!

Reposting Stories and Posts: Best Practices

Interested in resharing content on your Instagram story? Here are some of our best practices and top tips for making this strategy work.

Ask for permission and always credit the original creator

When it comes to reposting content from other creators, copyright is a tricky topic. The original creator will own the rights to what they’ve created – even if you repost it.
That’s why it’s a great idea to:
  • Always credit the original creator
  • And ask for permission before resharing the post
In fact, Instagram’s Community Guidelines state you can only share content that you have made or have permission from the original creator to post. Ignoring this requirement could open you to copyright infringement claims.
Why would some users not want you to reshare their posts? Creators may wish not to be associated with your brand or keep the content they produce private. It’s your responsibility to respect these wishes.
If the user has tagged you in the post, is that enough to pass the “ask for permission” test? Instagram believes so and will let you know about the tag and let you repost the story instantly.
However, some brands play it safe and ask the creator for permission even if they’ve been tagged. Asking for permission isn’t particularly difficult. All it’ll need is a simple DM.
What should you say when asking for permission?
Be polite, and shoot your shot! Here’s a template to use:
“Hey! I’m [Name], [Role] at [Brand]. I came across this awesome story/post. We’d think our audience would love this. Would it be OK if we reposted this on your Instagram story? We’ll give you full credit and tag! How does that sound?”
If the creator needs a bit more convincing, why not cover the benefits to them of you resharing the post? Tell them your typical audience size! You could even offer a free gift or discount code in exchange. Anything to sweeten the deal!
Once you’ve gotten permission to reshare the story, make sure your credit and tag the original creator. If you’ve been tagged in the post and you’ve reposted it through Instagram’s official tool, the story will automatically link to the original post. But, an added tag as a text caption won’t hurt here!
If you’re posting a screenshot or video capture of the post, make sure you add a caption with an account tag for the original creator. If you miss this out, you could be breaking copyright law.

Use a hashtag to find new stories to repost

How can you easily collect content from your followers to repost? We recommend using a hashtag dedicated to finding videos and photos to share with your followers.
ig story not tagged repost
For instance, STA Travel encourages its followers to use the hashtag #StartTheAdventure when sharing vacation posts and stories. STA Travel’s social media team then looks through the hashtag’s page to find content to repost when needed.
We recommend using a hashtag that’s both memorable and specific to your brand. This is to avoid accidentally picking out content that wasn’t meant to be submitted to you.
Not only is #StartTheAdventure an exciting travel hashtag, but also forms the brand’s acronym. Neat!
Want to simplify the process of looking through your chosen hashtag to find content that’ll perform? Flick’s Hashtags Manager helps simplify this process.
It can also help you find the right hashtags to use to grow your audience. The “Hashtags” tab in our creator dashboard gives you some key metrics about how well certain tags are performing.
repost ig story
Looking for tips on how to find the perfect Instagram hashtag? Read our guide on it here.

Schedule reposts to hit daily story post targets

We understand that social media managers and creators get busy – and meeting the Instagram CEO’s suggested target of two story posts a day can get tricky.
That’s why we recommend creating a content calendar for reposting stories.
Here are some important tips for using this strategy:
  • Create a bank of content you’re interested in reposting. This will give you a great collection to choose from and assign to specific post quotas. This is far easier with screengrabs and feed posts as organic stories will disappear.
  • Take care in what time of day you repost. Reposting stories will be ineffective if you’re doing it at a time your audience isn’t on the app. The best way to figure out the optimal post times is to trial-and-error some stories and use an Instagram Stories analytics tool to track the post’s reach and engagement. If you find an uptick at a certain time, that’s your sweet spot!
  • Use a calendar to schedule when you’ll repost. Flick offers a great calendar for this very purpose. Our drag-and-drop interface offers an intuitive flow for scheduling reposts.
Want to schedule your content to be automatically published on Instagram? Why not check out our Instagram Scheduler?

Instagram scheduler

Start scheduling with Flick!

Use UGC Reposts to Sell Products

User-generated content is a very powerful tool for selling products online – especially on Instagram.
Why? According to Forrester, 48% of consumers say that user-generated content is a key method for discovering new products.
repost ig story not tagged ig
glossier repost on ig
Let’s not waste this opportunity to push your product and land some sales!
Beauty brand Zit Stick have perfected this strategy to a tee. They regularly include reposted stories and testimonials in their Instagram product showcases.
Here’s their approach:
  1. First, they introduce the product. They’re also listing the core features. We recommend also introducing a common pain point and briefly cover how your product solves this.
  2. Then, they turn to social proof. Zit Stick introduces Leah – their customer – and cuts to a reposted UGC video testimonial.
  3. The brand follows this up with a product link. Followers can swipe up to check out the product!
The introduction of Instagram Shopping and Shoppable Posts makes this much easier. Whenever you reshare a story or post, you can tag the product featured in the post.
Visitors can click on that tag and navigate straight to the product page on your Instagram storefront.
Want to learn more about how Instagram Shopping can help boost your sales? That’s right, we’ve got a guide on that too.

Get your Instagram Stories Reposting Strategy Right with Flick

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your audience in content formats that are more organic and encourage conversations and interactions.
Using UGC videos and content from other creators, you can build a meaningful rapport with your followers while also filling your content calendar.
We recommend regularly reposting stories from your followers – as this is a perfect way to engage with your audience.
The easiest way to repost stories on your Instagram story is if you’ve been tagged in it. Feed posts are just as easy to share. But, it can get tricky when you haven’t been tagged in the post.
You’ll need to take a screenshot or pull the content from another site – like ingramer.com.
If you want some creative ideas for Instagram Stories, check out our recent blog post, here! Or, if you’re struggling with figuring out how to do Instagram Highlights with your Stories, click here.
Flick offers the perfect set of tools for managing and growing your Instagram audience. We offer:
Remember to follow us on Instagram @flick.social, to get the latest Instagram news, or ask us your own questions, which we can add to this ongoing toolkit.


Why repost stories and posts on Instagram?

How to repost a Story on Instagram when you are tagged 🏷

How to repost a Story on Instagram when you aren’t tagged 🤔

How to repost a feed post on your Instagram Story 📖

How to reshare a feed post on Instagram without watermarks 👀

How to repost an Instagram Story to your feed 📸

Reposting Stories and Posts: Best Practices

Get your Instagram Stories Reposting Strategy Right with Flick

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