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5 Best AI Tools for Content Creation in 2023

5 of the best AI tools for content creation you need in 2023—from SEO to social media content to email marketing and beyond.

Posted 1 month ago
Best AI tools for content creation

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 month ago

With what seems like a million and one AI products on the market currently saying they’ll help you with content creation for your social media, how are you supposed to know which ones will actually be beneficial to you? AI content creation tools are everywhere and all of them have something slightly different that it offers—SEO optimization, workflow management, content ideation and creation, and so much more.

But … which one do you choose? How are you supposed to know which one is actually going to work for exactly what you need it to work for? Today, we’re going to break down all of our favorite AI content creation tools and which ones we think you need.

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  1. What are the best AI content creation tools?
    • Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant
    • Surfer
    • Peppertype.ai
    • Grammarly
    • Narrato

What are the best AI content creation tools?

Realistically, the best AI content creation tools are the ones that help you with your marketing strategy and can turn all the content that you make into highly engaged content. Duh.

There are a lot of AI tools out there that claim to help you in all ways possible, but it’s time to weed out the good from the bad. Here are the best AI content creation tools to help you get started:

Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant

Best for: Social media content ideation, creation, and scheduling

If you’re looking for an all-in-one social media tool that can help you with brainstorming, writing, and planning, look no further. Flick’s AI Social Media Marketing Assistant will help you create a social media post from start to finish all in one spot.

You’ll be able to create content faster than ever without ever being afraid of running out of ideas. Using the AI Assistant, you’ll have a seasoned marketing pro in your back pocket at all times who knows your brand inside and out.

With Flick’s AI Assistant, you will:

  • Get access to unlimited ideas for your content in seconds
  • Save time (and energy!) by getting on-brand ideas, captions, images, and more in seconds
  • Get highly-personal and on-brand captions with a click of a button
  • Have access to Brand Info where the AI Assistant will write content completely tailored to you
  • Get auto-generated hashtags based off of your caption
  • Be able to schedule out your content at the Best Time to Post for your content
  • Get access to our FREE AI Caption Generator at all times
  • Be able to get AI images generated based completely on your caption

Pricing: Free 7-day trial with pricing starting at £11/month

surferseo ai


Best for: SEO Writing

For those whose sole purpose is to find a great tool for SEO writing, Surfer is the one for you.

The best features of the tool like its keyword research, content editing, and domain and SERP analysis will help ensure that all content you write is relevant and SEO-friendly.

With Surfer, you will:

  • Have access to the content planner where you can plan, analyze, and research all of your keywords in one place
  • Get suggestions and guidelines for your writing
  • Be able to audit past content and compare it to your competition
  • Have access to Keyword Surfer, a browser extension that helps with keyword research
  • Get access to an AI brief that will suggest headings, titles, and subheadings based on your keyword research

Pricing: Plans start at $89/month

peppertype ai social media post generator


Best for: Content Assistant

For an AI content assistant that is there by your side, Peppertype uses AI to learn about your company and create content based on your company. The platform lets you choose from different content ideas and writing styles before creating content that is tailored to your brand.

With Peppertype, you will:

  • Save time writing pitch-perfect content
  • Generate SEO-friendly content in seconds
  • Choose from 40 different content types
  • Be able to adjust the copy based on your brand and target audience
  • Access easy-to-use integrations to make your content even more engaging
  • Create content based on your keyword search

Pricing: Plans start at $25/month for 10,000 credits

grammarly ai content creation tools


Best for: Writing assistant

If you’re a copywriter or write a lot for the web in general, you might already have heard of Grammarly. The writing tool is a good one for a reason—it helps you correct and enhance your sentences while you type inside the browser. Plus, it tells you how your content sounds to users while you’re writing—whether your writing is happy, engaging, educational, angry, and more.

With Grammarly, you will:

  • Check your spelling as you type to make sure there are no mistakes
  • Have a writing editor in your back pocket (or browser extension)
  • Get access to customizable features to make sure the tool works for you and your style
  • Receive style suggestions based on your tone of voice

Pricing: Free version, or plans starting at £10/month

narrato ai


Best for: Website content creation and planning

For those that need website content but don’t have the money to hire an SEO writer, Narrato could be the next best solution. The AI tool can help you with website content ideation, creation, and optimization. From web copy to emails to product descriptions and more, this is a tool any entrepreneur who is starting out can get behind.

With Narrato, you will:

  • Get access to its writing assistant that can help write emails, press releases, blogs, web copy, and more
  • Be able to publish automatically to WordPress or other website platforms
  • Be able to streamline your workflow by automating tasks
  • Get access to the content assistant that will suggest new content ideas for your website
  • Be able to create AI images based on text prompts

Pricing: Plans start at $9/month

It’s time to start saving time and utilizing AI to start helping you with all of your content creation needs.

At Flick, we created our AI Assistant to help marketers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses be able to save time, get past creative blocks, and create better and more engaging content for their followers. From captions to AI images to posts to video scripts, the AI Assistant is ready to do everything for you.

Check out our AI Assistant (and even more of our incredible features!) by starting a FREE 7-day trial today.


What are the best AI content creation tools?

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