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Drag & Drop Calendar

Plan, create, and schedule your posts ahead of time.

Get an instant overview of your posts in a simple and easy-to-use content calendar. Plan every post in full or take advantage of drafts to loosely plan your content ahead of time. Scheduling your next set of content just got faster than ever before.

See your Best Times to Post
Reliable and easy-to-use
Instagram & Facebook Scheduling

Hashtag Helper

Find hashtags, keep them organized, and track performance.

Take the hassle out of hashtags. Grow your account, business or influence by reaching new audiences on Instagram.

Quickly find quality hashtags
Available on mobile and desktop
See which hashtags are working best

Best Times to Post

Publish your Instagram posts at the best time, every time.

Amplify the reach of every post you make by ensuring you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online and active. Flick’s Instagram Scheduler uses your Instagram account’s audience analytics to highlight the top three best times to post your content every single day.

See your top three posting times per day
Reach the most followers when you post
Best times from inside your Calendar

Instagram Feed Preview

Create an Instagram feed that pops! 

Designing and maintaining the right aesthetic for your Instagram feed is now easier than ever. Preview your feed before posting, drag, drop, and rearrange scheduled posts onto the grid. Use preview to build beautiful feeds that match your aesthetic, and once you're happy, just schedule your posts and wait for them to go live!

Arrange future posts with grid preview
Quickly edit posting times and content
Preview your future feed ahead of time

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Sophisticated analytics no matter where you are.

See what’s working, improve your content strategy, and track 20+ key metrics across all areas of your Instagram account with real-time reporting tools.

Benchmark against similar accounts
Includes Instagram Reels analytics
Track Instagram performance