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Marketing Funnel

What is Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a series of stages that describes a customer’s journey with a business. It is essentially a road map that businesses use to plan the journey of how someone goes from a prospect to becoming a customer.

How to create a Marketing Funnel

Your marketing funnel should track the journey of a person from the moment they have any interaction with your brand, no matter how small it may be (such as reading a blog post or liking a photo on social media). The funnel will continue to track this person until they make a purchase and all the stages in between.

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The 4 stages of a marketing funnel

  1. Acquisition and awareness – this is the broadest part of the funnel and represents anyone who may hear about your business

  2. Consideration – developing and nurturing the relationships with the people that came through the acquisition and awareness stage

  3. Conversion – this is where the person is getting ready to make their purchase

  4. Loyalty – this is where a business must inspire loyalty and encourage its customers to return

Benefits of using a Marketing Funnel

By using a marketing funnel, it can help you to identify:

  • The stage or part of the journey in which most people drop off

  • The marketing tactics that work in converting a prospect into a customer and the marketing tactics that are not so effective – this can help shape your marketing strategy

  • Who you are marketing to – funnels can help you to better understand your target audience and develop better relationships with them

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