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Engagement Rate

What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement rate is one of the most popular metrics when it comes to social media. It measures the level of interaction that your audience has with your content comparing your number of likes, comments, shares, saves with the number of people who are following you, to determine the rate at which your followers are engaging with your content.

How to view and measure your engagement rate

Most social media platforms offer analytics (particularly for business accounts) that will show you insights including engagement. To calculate your engagement rate, divide your total engagement number (a collation of likes, comments, saves, and shares) by your total number of followers and multiply that number by 100.

  • Less than 1%: Low engagement

  • 1% - 3.5%: Average/ good engagement

  • 3.5% - 6%: high engagement

  • Above 6%: Very high engagement

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Why is engagement rate important?

It measures the performance of your content and can show you which pieces of content are performing well and resonating with your audience the most. Having this insight will let you improve your content strategy and optimize each piece of content for growth. As a brand, it can also help push your content to larger audiences, because the more engagement you get, the more likely your posts will be shown to even more people.

How to increase your engagement rate

  1. Understand your audience and interact with them in your post comments and via direct messages.

  2. Create compelling content that encourages your audience to interact with it – try asking questions.

  3. Use effective CTAs to encourage your audience to take action.

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