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Content Pillars

What is Content Pillars?

In social media marketing, content pillars are set of themes/ topic that your content is centred around, specific to your brand.

What are examples of content pillars?

Examples of Content Pillars

Promotional: this showcases the product/service that you offer and encourages your follower to seek more information.

Entertainment: this helps you connect with your audience and can include storytelling about how your brand was founded, behind-the-scenes content, and memes/ funny videos.

Educational: this includes teaching your followers about a particular topic or your product an example is a ‘how to’ guide or a video about your product/service features.

Conversational: this encourages comments and conversation amongst your followers and community. This could be you posing a question to your followers talking about their experiences or industry trends.

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Tips to create content pillars

  1. Define your audience, know who you are speaking to and what type of content is preferred among your target audience.

  2. Look at your analytics to analyze which pieces of content perform the best and resonate with your audience the most.

  3. Ensure that the pillars you think of align with your brand values and relate to your product/ service.

Why is it important to have content pillars?

Having content pillars helps to ensure that each piece of content you post and create is relevant to your audience. They will help you plan your content effectively and make sure that you have a cohesive and consistent social media presence.

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