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Community Manager

What is Community Manager?

A community manager is someone who acts as the voice between an organization, brand or business and the audience it serves. A community manager is the one who sets the tone, voice, and moderates the brand’s social media pages through support, content on social media, and engagement. The community manager builds the community and trust of the brand online.

What does a Community Manager do?

As mentioned above, community managers are responsible for building a brand’s community and reputation. 

A community manager is on top of all messaging, content, crisis management, and more that is on-brand and consistent with the brand image the business is trying to build online.

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What skills should a Community Manager have?

Community managers should have a variety of different skills when it comes to managing the various platforms they serve:

  • Ability to create content

  • PR skills

  • Social media skills

  • Being adaptable 

  • Communication skills

  • Organizational and project management skills

  • Analytical ability

  • Love of the brand

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