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B2B Marketing

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is when a marketing strategy or content for marketing is aimed at a business. It’s when companies sell products and services to other businesses through B2B marketing.

What's an example of B2B marketing?

If you’re in a business that sells software to other companies to help them, to get those companies to buy into your software, you would sell to them through B2B marketing. All of your marketing materials would be aimed to capture the attention of that business or brand. 

Flick is an example of a company that does B2B marketing. Our core customers are social media agencies and businesses that want to help grow and run their social media accounts effectively.

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Who is B2B marketing for?

If you’re a company that sells to other companies, B2B is for you! B2B marketing campaigns should aim to target those in charge of purchasing decisions at a business. 

B2B Marketing examples

There are many types of ways you can market as a B2B business. Some of the best content formats to include in your marketing strategy are:

  • Blogs: Keeping your blogs regularly updated and maintained will help your overall B2B business, drive traffic to your website, and help you showcase to your potential clients why they need you.

  • Social media: This is a fairly obvious one, no? Social media will help you reach new (and old!) clients and help increase your chances of getting new B2B customers through your door.

  • Search: Google is a B2B business’ best friend. Being able to use SEO and best practices to rank on Google can help you get new clients who have never heard of you to click on your website and see what you’re all about. 

  • Testimonials: What better way to get someone interested in your product than have someone who loves you talk about how much they love you? Testimonials and reviews are a great way to get new clients to try your B2B product or service.

  • Podcasts: Podcast ads are a great way for you to find a new audience that might not have heard of you before. Find a podcast that has the niche audience you want and reach out to see if they are looking for advertisers.

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