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TikTok SEO: How to Rank on TikTok Searches

Want to boost your social media SEO strategy? Then read on. We here at Flick will talk you through the juicy particulars about how to nail your TikTok SEO strategy.

Posted 1 year ago
TikTok SEO how to rank

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
If you think TikTok is purely an entertainment platform rather than a search engine, think again. An increasing number of Gen Z users seems to be using it like one. A report found that almost 40% use the social platform in place of Google to search online. Google confirmed that TikTok is annexing its search business, especially among 18-to-24-year-olds who welcome social and authenticity-certified content.
Want to boost your social media SEO strategy? Then read on. We here at Flick will talk you through the juicy particulars about how to nail your TikTok SEO strategy. Plus, we’ll have a look at how TikTok can help your copy target more people, and even make your video content go viral.

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  1. What’s SEO on TikTok?
    • Video Info
    • Interactions with TikTok Users

What’s SEO on TikTok?

This is when you optimize your TikTok videos so that more users discover them on the platform — this leads to more likes, followers, and views. To do this, you research relevant hashtags involved in Instagram marketing, target specific keywords, and take advantage of popular TikTok trends. What’s more, TikTok content can also show up in Google, which is another good reason to optimize your content for SEO so you gain more visibility and reach.
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Why Is SEO TikTok Important?

TikTok SEO allows you to effortlessly optimize your videos to show up in more search results. In a similar way that you use keywords and analytics to optimize your web content, you can also use these methods to enable your TikTok videos to rank higher in search.
You might be thinking, ‘hang on, Tiktok isn’t a search engine!’. Technologically speaking, you’d be right. Yet, it still features its own search bar — so you can legitimately use it as a TikTok for SEO purposes.
While Google doesn’t index social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, they still appear in the SERPS. So, to give your content a fair chance in all the largest online search platforms, incorporate SEO for Google and TikTok in your strategy.

SEO TikTok Ranking Factors

To fully appreciate TikTok SEO, you need to know what the platform looks for when ranking videos. The TikTok algorithm typically searches for the following ranking factors:

Video Info

The data included in your video content impacts how it ranks on TikTok — that’s the captions, sound effects, music, and hashtags. Usually, TikTok wants content that includes appropriate keywords in all the descriptions and titles, plus video content that deals with popular or trending subjects.

Interactions with TikTok Users

This can include a range of interactions, such as videos your audience has watched through to the end, the content they’ve added to their favorites, as well as hidden videos. Because the platform records all the info, it can ascertain which content appears in your audience’s feed.

How to Perform SEO TikTok Successfully

1. Know Your Audience

To create content that appeals to your audience, you need to know who they are and what they’re looking for. If you’re already active on the platform, you’re probably aware of what your TikTok users enjoy. If you’re more of a passive user, think about getting to know them a little better. What are they watching? What hashtags do they use? What messages and comments do they send you? In doing so, you’ll gain more of an idea about their hobbies.
Thus, you’ll craft videos personalized to your audience. Knowing your users will enable you to create improved descriptions and titles for content so users can find them easily in TikTok searches. Likewise, you need to craft videos that captivate your audience. Alternatively, create content they’re already looking for. Doing this can also help in terms of being discovered by new users as well.

2. Get Your Keywords for SEO Spot-On

Doing your keyword research is a paramount part of your SEO strategy — and it’s sensible to do this for TikTok as well. Take a look at what phrases or words your target audience search for when looking for videos, such as yours. There are various ways of phrasing keywords and topics.
Many people advertise and link their TikTok on their Instagram accounts to effortlessly direct users out of the app to increase TikTok traffic. You’ll be welcoming more followers and engagement in a flash. We here at Flick offer an expert Instagram hashtag manager and analytics tool to help grow your business or account so that you reach new audiences on Instagram. Using Flick, you’ll find thousands of relevant hashtag suggestions in minutes.
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For TikTok, we recommend using SEO search tools such as:
tiktok seo keywords
Bear in mind that these applications don’t take info from TikTok — only Google. Since TikTok SEO is such a new phenomenon, you won’t find many TikTok SEO apps to help discover what users search for on the platform.
Don’t be disheartened. To find out what users are typing in, use TikTok itself. Just launch TikTok, bring up the search bar, then type in the keywords you’ve researched. It’ll automatically populate the search bar that shows trending keyword phrases matching your query. Take a look, then choose any relevant keywords that work with your video.
💡 Top Tip for TikTok Hashtag Research: For every piece of TikTok content you post, incorporate roughly two to five hashtags. Each one must precisely correlate to the content of the video. Including these in the captions of your TikTok videos is fast and straightforward

3. Insert the Keywords in Your Video

So, you’ve finished your keyword research. Now add these to your video descriptions, titles, and captions. Don’t forget to insert them into on-screen copy, like descriptions and lyrics. Our top tip? Say your keywords aloud — TikTok’s algorithms give precedence to verbal content.
Remember to insert those keywords in any of your hashtags, too — this makes your video content more discoverable. Include your primary keywords plus any variations of those, but don’t go too far. And only use the maximum number of hashtags per social platform.
Lastly, make your TikTok account more attention-grabbing to users searching for content like yours by inserting the most appropriate keywords in your profile. What’s more, your followers will gain more insight into what sort of videos you upload, and whether they should click “follow.”

4. Create a Microblog

A big part of ranking successfully in Google is blogging. Blogs only exist because Google prioritizes fresh, relevant content — publishing frequently is an excellent way to keep your content updated and new. To leverage this method for your SEO TikTok strategy, launch a microblog post that talks about a specific subject relevant to your TikTok content.
Integrate your primary keyword in the headline, then incorporate your long-tail or secondary keywords in subheadings and the main body of your blog post. Remember, embed your TikTok content in the blog as well.

5. Record Your TikTok Analytics

Did you know? There are over 1 billion active users on TikTok. It’s possible that each user can reach a vast audience — yet not everyone does. So, evaluate your TikTok analytics and ensure you know what they mean. Each effective marketing plan needs constant fine-tuning and observation. While you might’ve implemented the ultimate practices, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see successful results.
Monitoring and recording your TikTok progress is by far the best way to see if your SEO strategy is succeeding. You’ll gain a real glimpse into what sort of engagement your content gets, and which videos perform well and which don’t. Keeping track of your progress enables you to pinpoint areas you can do better in, like keywords or subjects that don’t appear to resonate with your users.
Don’t forget to monitor this growth over time, together with your competitors’ growth. Doing so gives you a clearer perception of what performs best in TikTok SEO and can help you refine your strategy accordingly. Our Flick Instagram hashtag tool tells you the number of organic views originating from search. Plus, over 100,000 content creators, marketers, and brands trust us.
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The Takeaway

TikTok’s future is bright. The platform has more than one billion monthly active users. Nowadays, users are searching for and consuming information differently. They don’t seek data from the most established or largest brands. They seek concise, visually appealing, community-verified, and authentically reliable information.
With TikTok SEO, you can take advantage of this change. Whether you’re new to bringing your brand to TikTok or just looking to skyrocket your company’s TikTok SEO, we at Flick are here to ensure your content ranks higher in search. Ready to grow your business’s TikTok profile? Quickly enhance your search for the most relevant hashtags and boost your organic reach with our hashtag finder. Join for free now.


What’s SEO on TikTok?

Why Is SEO TikTok Important?

SEO TikTok Ranking Factors

How to Perform SEO TikTok Successfully

The Takeaway

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