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How to Post on Instagram From Your Computer

Don’t want to post on Instagram from your phone, and prefer to edit and upload your content from your computer? Here’s how to do it easily!

Posted 1 year ago
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Julia Cohen
Posted 1 year ago
Sometimes, posting on Instagram from your phone just isn’t it. Whether you want to post on Instagram from your computer because you like to edit your videos and images on Photoshop or Premier Pro, you don’t want the quality to compress, or you use websites like Canva to create content it’s important to know how to post from your computer. In today’s Instagram toolkit, we’ll be showing you the easiest way to post to Instagram from your computer, and save time Airdropping yourself all those photos and videos 😉

How can I post pictures on Instagram from my computer? 💻

Posting pictures on Instagram from your computer is simple, and you can either do it from a scheduling tool, or from Facebook directly.

Here’s how to post pictures and videos to Instagram from your computer using Flick’s scheduler! 📆

First things first, you’ll need to have your image or video ready to post, and saved on your Desktop. Open up Flick’s scheduler, and add your media to the library.
To add media to the library, just click “upload files” and you’ll be able to upload as much content as you want into your library.
Once your files are uploaded into the library, just drag your images or video to the time and date you want it to go live. You can upload multiple images (to create a carousel), Reels, and single images. After you’ve dragged your selected media to the time and date you want to post, Flick will automatically open up the post editor, where you are able to select what platform you want to post to, the type of post you’d like to make, as well as whether you want your post to be published automatically, or you’d like a reminder to post manually. You can also edit your caption and location, tags, and edit or trim your content.
You can click ‘hashtags’ to import saved hashtags from your collections and pick what time you’d like your post to go live. Curious how many hashtags you should use? Click here to find out. Hit schedule and your post is ready!
If you want to see what your content would hypothetically look like on the grid, you can click on “feed preview” and see all of the posts you’ve got coming up, to check if they fit in with your overall grid aesthetic. Then, you can rejig some of your posts, to make sure they look the way you want before they go live.

Here’s how to post pictures and videos to Instagram from your computer using Facebook

You can also post to Instagram using Facebook’s own Creator Studio. First, you’ll want to make sure you are on your account page that is linked to your Instagram. In Meta’s Business Suite, click posts and stories, then select “create post” or “create story.”
You won’t have the same kind of library to choose from, but you will similarly be able to upload content, add a caption and choose whether to publish now, schedule, or save as a draft for later.

How to post on Instagram from Instagram’s Website

Recently, Instagram has now upgraded its desktop browser and has made it incredibly easy for people to post content straight from the browser.
If you want to do this, head to instagram.com to get started:
  1. Click “Create” on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Click “Select from computer” when the “create new post” popup appears
  3. Select the photos and videos you want to upload
  4. Crop your photos how you’d like them to appear
  5. Select “next”
  6. If you want to add a filter, add a filter and click “next”
  7. Write your caption, tag people, add your location and alt-text before clicking “share”
At the moment, you can’t pre-schedule your content on Instagram’s website but you can organically share items from your desktop through its web browser.

Can you post carousels to Instagram from your computer?

Yes! You are able to post carousels on either Flick or Facebook using your computer. Just upload as many images or videos as you’d like to feature into your media library, select your order of posts (you can edit this in the post-editors), and schedule as normal!

Can you post Reels to Instagram from your computer?

You can post Reels to Instagram from your computer. To do this, upload your Reel into the media library, and schedule it as normal. You can have your Reels auto-scheduled or you can select “notify” so that you are sent a push notification reminding you to post and download the content (caption and Reel) to your clipboard and phone. We recommend selecting the push notification option for Reels, as it means you can add any trending audio you like, as well as upload and select the perfect thumbnail for the content.

How to schedule Instagram Reels on Flick

1. Connect your Instagram profile.

If you haven’t already used Flick, start your FREE 7-day trial and connect your Instagram Profile.
  • Head to your ‘Manage IG Accounts’ Settings.
  • Click the ‘Instagram accounts’ tab, then click the ‘Authorize with Facebook’ button & sign in with Facebook.
  • Select the Instagram account(s) you’d like to link to your Flick account.
  • Before clicking Link Accounts, please ensure you’ve selected the correct account that you’d like to link. You will not be able to swap this manually without speaking to our support team.

2. Upload your Reel to Flick’s Media Library

After you’ve linked up your Instagram account, upload your Reels to the Media Library. Be sure to upload the Reels with the audio you want.

3. Write your caption and add hashtags

Drag and drop your Reels to the date you want. Once you have selected the date, a window will pop up where you can write out your caption and select a variety of hashtags from your Flick Collections.

4. Crop if needed

Is the video a bit too big? You can crop it! We’ve got all the tools you need to make sure your Reels are in the exact aspect ratio it needs to be in (9:16).

5. Select the date and time to schedule your Reels

Now that you have everything put together for your Reel, it’s time to schedule it! Select the date you want, and we will suggest the best times for you to schedule your content based on when your followers are online.
Flick tip: Due to API restrictions, only original audio can be used for auto-publishing. We don’t have access to music, so be sure to add the sound to your Reels before uploading it to our scheduler.
Need more quick tips on how to up your social media game? Explore more blog posts in our Instagram toolkit!

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How can I post pictures on Instagram from my computer? 💻

How to post on Instagram from Instagram’s Website

Can you post carousels to Instagram from your computer?

Can you post Reels to Instagram from your computer?

How to schedule Instagram Reels on Flick

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