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NEW! Instagram Releases Live Moderator Tool

Instagram has added a new feature where you can now assign a moderator to your live stream! Learn how to use it and why you might need to today.

Posted 1 year ago
instagram moderation tools

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago

Instagram has added a new feature (yes, another one so strap in, baby!) where you can now assign a moderator to your live stream!

If you’ve ever been a bystander in a live stream, you know that sometimes people can be (how can I say this gently?) a bit douchy in the comments (understatement of the year). Instagram has decided to tackle this by allowing those who do live streams to select a moderator who can report comments, remove viewers from the stream, and turn off comments for a specific viewer.

Having this feature is another move Instagram is making to help protect its users and to stop online harassment which has been particularly bad on the app over the years.

“We believe in the importance of the creator community. We believe that they’re pushing culture forward, establishing trends, and setting new norms,” said Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, in a recent Tweet.

If you’re a Creator looking to go live and want someone to weed out all the a-holes that might be ruining your fun time, you can add a moderator via the menu icon on the comment bar. From here, you can search for a specific user, or choose a user from a list suggested by Instagram.

Now that you’re ready to go live on your Instagram account with a moderator in place, it’s time to get all of our tips on going live here. Want to keep up-to-date on all the latest and greatest Instagram and social media news? Be sure to join our Facebook Group, The Social Hub, to connect with like-minded content creators, small business owners, and more!

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