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The 10 Best TikTok Filters (And Why They Matter)

No more searching and searching the internet. Here are the best TikTok filters for you to use the next time you record yourself.

Posted 1 year ago
The 10 Best TikTok Filters (And Why They Matter)

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 year ago
We’ve all been there: rolling our eyes at the cringey TikTok filters used by hosts of people to make it look like they’ve undergone at least 10 plastic surgeries. TikTok filters are one of the most viral trends on social media, but as a creator, you might be wondering, “Honestly… What’s the point?” and “Do I really need to bother with them?”
Believe it or not, when used correctly, TikTok filters can actually be highly useful for increasing engagement and skyrocketing your video’s visual impact. In this Flick article, we’ll unpack the TikTok filters trend, including what a filter is, the difference between filters and effects, and a guide to the top 10 best TikTok filters to use for enhancing your videos.

What’s a TikTok filter?

TikTok filters are presets designed to change how a video looks and feels, and they are one of TikTok’s most powerful tools for making your content more appealing to different audiences. Just as the content itself will attract different groups of followers, the overall aesthetic will too.
Perfecting your use of tools like filters and hashtags to not only attract viewers to your videos and posts, but viewers who will stay is key to building your follower base and increasing your reach as a creator across all platforms. Instagram alone, for example, has over 1 billion users each month, which means your potential as a creator really is limitless.
TikTok filters are included as a free tool in the app and can be found when in “Create” mode. There are four categories of TikTok filters:
  • Food: Designed to make food look more appealing
  • Landscape: Meant to enhance the look of places
  • Portrait: For videos where people, or specifically faces, are the main focus
  • Vibe: Changes the overall mood or feeling of the video

TikTok Filters vs Effects: What’s the difference?

While they’re often referred to as the same thing, in the TikTok world, filters and effects are actually different features.
Filters are used to change the coloring and general look of the video as a whole. You can choose to apply a specific filter, which you can change to suit your preference but the filter will alter the entire video.
Effects are used to add animation or specific details to your videos, such as bubbles, a green screen, or a dog face. When you use an effect, much of the video may remain unchanged, with a few not-so-subtle changes (such as stars or stickers) making an appearance.

Top 10 Best TikTok Filters

Okay, let’s get into the top 10 TikTok filters you can use to enhance your videos.

1. Warmth

If your hard-earned summer tan isn’t showing up in your video the way you’d like, TikTok’s warmth filter is a helpful option for adding that sun-kissed, rosy glow, or just making it look less like you’ve never left your house.
The warmth filter increases the brightness of colors in your video and emphasizes orange and red hues. Use with caution: If you go too far with the warmth filter, you’ll run the risk of looking like you fell into a bag of Doritos.
warmth tiktok filter

2. Beauty Mode

If you’re a new creator and still working up the courage to get behind the camera (or even if you’re an experienced creator and just not feeling it sometimes–we all have those days!), Beauty Mode can work wonders for your confidence. Designed to enhance your best features, smooth your skin, and improve your coloring, Beauty Mode will bring out the very best version of you.
beauty tiktok filter
However, like with any filter on TikTok, it’s important not to go too far. Turning up Beauty Mode’s settings too much can come across as vain and narcissistic to your followers and prevent them from creating genuine connections with you. Besides, Beauty Mode should never be used as a regular substitute for your actual appearance. You’re perfect the way you are!

3. Brew Filter (AKA G6)

The Brew Filter, also known as G6 in the portrait category, is helpful for altering the mood of your video. For example, if you’re hoping to create a vintage, retro feel while creating content from your apartment couch, consider giving the brew filter a whirl. It’s colorful, warm, and bright, and as one of the most popular filters on TikTok, it’s sure to draw engagement with its cozy, appealing aesthetic.
gk tiktok filter

4. Fantasy

The Fantasy filter on TikTok is helpful if your content is geared towards the younger crowd on social media. Fantasy has become a favorite among Gen-Z for its bubblegum hue and adorable summery vibes. For example, Fantasy would be the perfect option for an Instagram summer picnic post or a video in nature. Fantasy simply adds a pink hue to your video, but that small addition goes a long way. Bonus? It’s perfect for enhancing brown eyes.
fantasy tiktok filter

5. Forest

Forest, found in the Landscape category, is a popular filter for videos that are meant to enhance the setting of the video. Whether the place itself is the background or the focal point of the video, Forest will bring out the warm elements in your video to make your surroundings the star of the show. If you’re planning an Instagram post from your favorite vacation spot, Forest will provide the perfect summer or tropical aesthetic.
forest tiktok filter

6. Tonal

If you’re hoping to draw your audience in with dramatic and theatrical vibes, Tonal might be the best option for you. With its moody, vintage aesthetic, Tonal will throw your video back several decades and provide a classy feel that the more modern filters can’t quite match.
tonal tiktok filter

7. California

If you’re hoping to highlight your video’s surroundings but your iPhone isn’t quite capturing the look you’d like, the California filter may do the trick. California is designed to accentuate the colors in your video, helping them to appear brighter, sunnier and more appealing. California creates a cheerful, happy vibe and is perfect for travel videos.
california tiktok filter

8. Cozy

Found under the portrait category, Cozy is the perfect filter for when you want to create a video with welcoming, warm vibes, such as an autumn or Christmas-themed video. Designed to enhance videos with a gentle, warm glow, Cozy is the perfect filter for when your video turns out cooler than you were hoping it would. Cozy is also a helpful option for creating “golden hour” vibes when you’re filming during a less-than-ideal time of the day.
cozy tiktok filter

9. Caramel

Caramel is where Beauty Mode meets Warmth. A combination of feature-smoothing and sun-kissed vibes, Caramel creates a look as sweet as it sounds–warm, feminine, and bronzed. Caramel is especially useful for holiday party vibes or for videos where you want to step up your fanciness just a little. It’s cozy, yet moody, and sure to create an appealing aesthetic for your audience.
caramel tiktok filter

10. Beach filter

For tropical and saturated vibes, check out the Beach filter. Found in the portrait category, it’s everything you would expect: a combination of gentle but vivid blues and an orangey, golden glow–reminiscent of a perfect beach day.
While it’s perfect for enhancing your surroundings (especially if you’re going for a tropical or travel-oriented feel in your video), go easy on it. Too much of a good thing, even with the beach filter, is never good. If your settings are too high, it can lead to oversaturation and an artificial vibe that detracts from your video.
beach filter tiktok filter

How can you tell if you’re using filters correctly?

It’s one thing to learn to use TikTok’s filters, but quite another to ensure you’re using them correctly. Tools like Flick’s Open Benchmarks analytics tool will help you see not only how your posts are doing over time, but how you’re stacking up against other creators.
You’ll also be able to track other metrics, such as how your hashtags are performing, to help you understand how to continually grow your reach and retain your following.

Try it for yourself

TikTok’s filter feature is a powerful tool not only for increasing your engagement and enhancing the visual appeal of your videos but can also set the tone for your aesthetic, and play an instrumental role in building your brand as a social media creator and building your follower base.
Remember, filters are one of many ways to grow your base on social media. By enhancing your SEO strategy and using Flick’s analytics tool, you’ll be able to track how your content is performing on Instagram with metrics that Instagram doesn’t provide. Register for a free account on Flick today for help unlocking your growth as a creator.

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What’s a TikTok filter?

TikTok Filters vs Effects: What’s the difference?

Top 10 Best TikTok Filters

How can you tell if you’re using filters correctly?

Try it for yourself

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