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Flick's Instagram analytics platform for Instagram Reels will help you construct a better content strategy. Find out your Engagement Rate, Reach Rate, Hashtags Ranked, Video Plays, Growth Rate, and more on your Reels. You don’t need to guess any longer, and best of all, you keep  your analytics for more than just 30 days. 

Reels are the fastest growing feature on Instagram. All your competitors are capitalizing on it, and so should you. Beat them out with Reels analytics that cover more than just the basics. Search through our hashtags analytics to reach the right audience. Then, plan out your Reels using our built-in content planner. Never worry about what to post next.

The best tool to plan and analyze your Instagram Reels.

How Flick's Instagram Reels Analytics Work

Understand your target audience

Find out your Reach and Potential Reach by analyzing different target audiences. Keep track of key metrics such as Likes, Shares, Saves, and Comments on all your Reels.

Organize your next Reels campaign

Use our content planning tools to create the best possible Instagram Reels. Choose the hashtags that offer you the best shot at going viral. 

Post your Reels at the ideal time

Post when your followers are most active using our scheduling tools. You can automate this process in advance so that you never miss a good posting opportunity.

Trusted by 20,000+ Creators, Brands & Marketers.

Best Times to Post for Reels

Post when you should, instead of when you can.

With our Instagram Reels analytics, understand when a portion of your audience is online and waiting for your post. Since Instagram’s algorithm surfaces content to your audience first, then it’s important to capitalize by posting Reels when they’re the most active. We also know that the best time to post based on different articles online isn’t necessarily the best time for you. That’s why we made the Flick scheduling tool sync automatically with your content calendar.

Find best Reels posting times
Plan, and schedule your Reels
Post when your audience is most active

Hashtag Helper

Find out which hashtags to use, and what's working best.

Level up your Instagram Reels strategy using all the hashtag metrics you could possibly dream of. Find out which hashtags will help your Reels go viral by comparing the competition score and opportunity score for different hashtags. With each hashtag, you’ll know the total posts made along with the average likes and comments.

DAPC, Total Posts, Avg. Likes/Comments
Competition & Opportunity Score
Times Used, Times Ranked, Rank Ratio

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Sophisticated analytics no matter where you are.

You can manage the entire Instagram Reels process on your phone or laptop. We expedite your workflow by providing time-saving tools like our Scheduler and Hashtag Planner. Spend less time navigating between apps or screens and do everything inside of Flick. Use our app to view analytics on all your posts and save notes about your next piece of content. 

Available on desktop and mobile
Manage Instagram Reels on-the-go
Improve your Reels strategy

Instagram Feed Preview (with Reels)

Plan and preview your future feed on Instagram.

Designing and maintaining the right aesthetic for your Instagram feed is now easier than ever. Preview your feed before posting, drag, drop, and rearrange scheduled posts onto the grid. Use preview to build beautiful feeds that match your aesthetic, and once you're happy, just schedule your posts and wait for them to go live!

Arrange future posts with grid preview
works with Reels and Feed posts
Preview your future feed ahead of time

Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick will tailor suggestions based on your Instagram account.

What is Flick?

Flick is an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool that covers Instagram Reels analytics, general Instagram analytics, Hashtag Management, social media scheduling, and much more. Creators, marketers, and small businesses all use this tool.

How do Flick’s Instagram Reels Analytics Work?

Flick’s Instagram Reels analytics track your performance across 20 key metrics. We track reach and potential reach to help you evaluate where to improve your Reels content. We measure your engagement to help you find your most popular posts and benchmark your performance against other accounts.

Of course, we track so many other helpful metrics on our app. Take a look at our open benchmarks to get a better feel for how the analytics tools work.

How Do I Get Analytics on My Instagram Reel using Flick?

You can view Flick’s Reels insights easily using our platform. Log in to your Flick account, or start an account on a 7-day free trial. Once you’re in, click “analytics” on the left of your screen. Click the “Reels” option and scroll down to view all your Instagram Reels analytics from your account.

Does Flick Work on Mobile?

Yes, Flick has both an Android and iOS app. This simplifies your workflow since you’ll usually film, edit, and post reels on your phone, you might as well get your analytics done there too. Best of all, you can keep your notes there. It’s easy to do most of your social media work inside the app.

Are There Analytics for Instagram Reels?

Yes, if you have a business or a creator account on Instagram, you can access Reels insights. Instagram tells you to go to your profile and tap in the upper-right corner to switch from a personal account to a creator account if you haven’t done so already.

Set your preferences through the Settings section under Select Account.In Instagram’s analytics section, you can view a bunch of basic stats like views, shares, and likes for each of your Reels. However, you might be looking for something a little more specific.

The better alternative to reels insights on Instagram is to use Flick. We track over 20 different metrics. Not to mention, we benchmark your analytics against your competitors. That way, you can see exactly what you need to do to get ahead. Our Hashtag Manager is unique and far exceeds any Instagram Reels analytics on their app.

Why Can’t I See Reels Insights on My Instagram?

If you can’t figure out how to view Reels insights, you probably don’t have them enabled. To do so on the Instagram app, go to Settings, click Account, and then click Branded Content Tools. There, you can turn on the “Insights” option for your account to get access to Reels insights.

What Is a Good Amount of Reel Views?

This depends on your niche, different categories will have different benchmarks. Not everyone can go viral with millions of views. Especially if you’re running a small business account. In fact, it’s likely more profitable and more sustainable to run a smaller account in the long run. That way, you can have a defined audience. 

A good rule of thumb is that your Reel views should be about 2-20% of your followers. For larger accounts with millions of followers, you can expect a smaller share like 2-5%. Meanwhile, smaller accounts can expect 10-20% if they’re on track for success.

At the end of the day, the most important factor is engagement. Small accounts can expect much higher engagement on their Instagram Reels than they would have on other Instagram posts. However, the ideal engagement will vary by account size. Generally speaking 1-5% of your followers will engage with your Reels.

Can You See Who Shares Your Reels?

Yes, but only if someone shared your Reel to their Story, and only if they follow you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep track of this data. That said, business and creator accounts can keep track of the number of shares they make.

To find out who shares your Reels, go to your profile and find the Reels in question under the Reels tab. Then, click the settings (3 dots) in the right-hand corner of the Reel. Finally, click “View stories reshared”. Unfortunately, this feature will only work to track the Reels that you shared in the last 24 hours. It won’t be helpful for most analytics use cases.

How Do You Check Who Views on Reels?

Go to the Reels tab on your Instagram account and scroll down to see the number of views you got on each Reel. You don’t need to go to the analytics section.

You can also view this through your Reels insights and export it in a more manageable format. However, this data still doesn’t give you lots of insight when looked at out of context. A tool like Flick can give you a better idea of your reach and potential reach to help grow your account with Instagram Reels analytics.

Does Rewatching a Reel Count as a View?

While Instagram doesn’t count it when you view your own Reels, they will definitely count repeated watches from other users. This can be tricky in case people are watching your Reels in a loop. However, it’s unlikely that this type of behavior has much of an impact on your analytics. Most people will just navigate to the next Reel after watching yours.

How Are Reel Impressions Calculated?

Every time your Reel appears on someone’s screen, it counts as an impression. This means that rewatches count too. That means if your video reached 3,000 people, but it has 6,000 impressions, then the average person is watching your video twice. This tells you that your audience really likes your content since they’re constantly going back to watch it.

Are Views or Likes More Important on Reels Analytics?

This issue is still up for debate. However, it’s commonly accepted that views are more important for virality. That said, you need a lot of likes to make sure that Instagram shows your Reels at the top of everyone’s feed. So it’s a two-way relationship. Your content need to be pretty engaging for the first people who see it, your followers. Then, Instagram pumps it out to everyone else.

Do Reels Increase Engagement?

Yes, Reels and videos on Instagram are generally considered far more engaging. In fact, Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri recently mentioned that Instagram is trying to push video content more and more. If you just stick to photo posts, you’re going to get left behind as Instagram’s algorithm evolves.

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