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Flick’s Instagram hashtag analytics tool tracks your hashtag performance over time in a variety of ways. You can see which hashtags are helping you rank in the “top posts” feed, the total number of hours your content has ranked, the percentage of hashtags used that you’re ranking in, and so on. Gain insights into which hashtags used consistently give you great results, and which ones are underperforming.

With the hashtag analytics tool, you can increase your reach by 30% or more, boost engagement, and get more followers. Stop using the same hashtags that aren’t allowing your account to grow. Start using Flick’s Instagram hashtag analytics tool to bring clarity to your hashtag strategy.

Instagram hashtag analytics you can trust and rely on.

How Flick's Hashtag Manager Works

Find and manage hashtags

Connect your Instagram account to Flick, start looking for hashtags to include in your posts and save your combinations to the hashtag manager.

Share content to Instagram

Publish your Instagram post with the hashtags included, and wait for the results to come. Flick will track different aspects of your hashtag performance.

Track your hashtags

Through our hashtag analytics tool, measure the overall performance of your hashtag strategy and the effectiveness of every hashtag you use.

Hashtag Analytics Tutorial

Whether you’re a creator, brand or marketer, Flick’s hashtag analytics tool provides incredible performance insights to help you craft a winning hashtag strategy.

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Track hashtag performance over time.

Flick tracks various metrics of hashtag performance and provides valuable data that Instagram does not show. Unlike Instagram’s own analytics tool, ours keeps track of your data beyond a 60-day time frame, so you’ll never lose important data ever again.

Consistently track hashtag performance
See the hashtags each post has ranked on
Never lose data after 60 days
Flick's hashtag analytics page on desktop

A birds-eye view of your hashtag strategy.

An effective hashtag strategy utilizes combinations of different hashtags to bring engagement and new followers. Our hashtag analytics tool provides an overview of how your hashtag combinations have been performing over time. Through Flick, you can perfect your hashtag strategy by creating winning combinations.

See an overview of your hashtag strategy
Discover trends using hashtag data
Use insights to create winning hashtag groups

Granular Analysis Of Every Hashtag You Use

Want more granular insights into your hashtag performance? Our hashtag analytics tool shows the hashtag performance of every single hashtag you use, how long you’ve been ranking for various hashtags, the number of unique hashtags you’ve used over time, and other powerful metrics.

See the performance level of every hashtag
Discover time spent ranking for various hashtags
Take note of unique hashtags you’ve used

Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick will tailor suggestions based on your Instagram account.

What is Flick?

Flick is an Instagram Hashtag Manager and Analytics Tool, helping you to grow your account, business or influencer profile.

Will it work on my device?

Yes, Flick has a desktop, iOS, and Android App – no matter where you go, your hashtags and analytics will follow.

How is Flick better than using Instagram's Analytics?

Flick provides a deeper level of analysis than Instagram does, allowing you to keep your analysis beyond the last 60 days. It also gives you metrics you can’t see on Instagram, such as time spent ranking and other performance data of the hashtags you’ve used. 

How can rank tracking help me grow my Instagram account?

Getting into the top-ranked posts on a hashtag will mean your posts are seen by a wider audience. Through Flick, you can use past hashtag analytics to rank better for your future posts.

What does Flick’s hashtag analytics tool measure?

Flick analyzes a variety of metrics for your hashtags over a selected time frame, including how many times the hashtag has ranked in the top 100 posts, the number of unique hashtags you’ve used, your average ranking in the top posts, and the performance of every single hashtag.

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