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HashTagsForLikes Review: Why Flick Is a Powerful Alternative

Looking for an Instagram hashtag tool? We've got you. In this article we'll be helping you identify key differences between HashTagsForLikes and Flick.

Person holding up flick logo and hashtagsforlikes logo
Person holding up flick logo and hashtagsforlikes logo

Trying to find the best hashtag tool for your Instagram account can be a major challenge. And while HashTagsForLikes is a popular option, is it the best? In this post we're reviewing how our own tool Flick (an alternative to HashTagsForLikes) stacks up.

HashTagsForLikes VS. Flick: Key Differences

  1. Flick offers unlimited hashtag searches with every result tailored to your Instagram account and previous searches. By contrast, HashTagsForLikes results are much more broad/generic, and searches are limited: their Premium plan ($89/mo) includes up to 3,000 hashtag searches per month.
  2. Flick gives insight into hashtag popularity and ease of ranking, flags banned hashtags, and lets you audit your hashtag choices to check competition distribution and hashtag suitability. HashTagsForLikes’s search results also indicate how many times each hashtag has been used, their reach, average likes, and difficulty to rank, however, they don’t offer a hashtag audit.
  3. Flick provides advanced analytics into individual hashtags, content, AND account performance—not even Instagram’s in-app analytics will provide you with Flick’s level of insight into individual hashtag performance. HashTagsForLikes only lets you track how your account and overall hashtag strategy are performing.
  4. Flick has an app for both iOS and Android that provides you with the same content you get from our desktop site straight to your phone. You can view all the insights you need and easily copy and paste your Hashtag Collections on the go through the Flick app. Currently, Hashtagsforlikes doesn’t have an app and their mobile website isn’t as easy to navigate as their desktop site.
  5. Flick is considerably cheaper with more features to get the insights you need on your account. Instead of paying $28-89/month for a plan on Hashtagsforlikes, with Flick you can choose from one of four options ranging from £7-40/month depending on what type of plan you’re after. From there, you’ll get access to a huge amount of analytics, hashtags, be able to compare how your account is doing against other similar accounts, and so much more.

What Is HashTagsForLikes?

HashTagsForLikes is a hashtag generator tool that markets itself as an Instagram growth manager. It was founded in 2018 to help people gain exposure on Instagram and now works with celebrities, startups, brands, and individuals who want to grow their Instagram organically.

HashTagsForLikes: Key Features

hashtags for likes hashtag tool
  • Hashtag Generator: A hashtag search engine that helps you identify which terms will be easy, medium, and hard to rank for on Instagram explore pages. Similar to Flick, you can categorize hashtags into Campaigns to save them for future use.
hashtagsforlikes searching for hashtags
  • Popular Instagram Hashtags: Hashtag analytics allow you to see how popular a hashtag is, how many unique posts use it, its reach, and its average number of likes. Unfortunately, only users with a Premium account can see the top-ranking terms.
  • Analyzer: Track the account statistics of any Instagram user (including your own account) to analyze their top posts, engagement, follower evolution, and most used hashtags.
  • Instagram & TikTok Growth Tool: What is marketed as an Instagram and TikTok growth tool is basically the above features which allow you to search and analyze hashtags and Instagram users.
  • Content Downloader: Save any photo, video, or story from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Only available on the Premium plan.

HashTagsForLikes Pricing

hashtagsforlikes pricing cards - regular and pro
Hashtagsforlikes pricing plans

HashTagsForLikes has two payment plans—Regular and Premium—based on the number of accounts and hashtag searches you require. However, it’s unclear how many searches you get per month on the Regular plan. Tracking and analytics of your Instagram account(s), which Flick includes as standard, is also only included on Premium. Both plans are considerably more expensive compared to HashTagsForLikes alternatives like Flick.

Payment options are monthly or weekly, and they state they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. With the Premium plan only offering tracking of up to 5 accounts, HashTagsForLikes isn’t designed to be scaled for agency use.

HashTagsForLikes Review: Pros & Cons


  • Find and save hashtags to use and analyze their popularity Benchmark your account against others with the Analyzer Tool
  • The content downloader is a handy extra—although the same tool is available elsewhere online for free without sign-up


  • Expensive compared to HashTagsForLikes alternatives, most features seem to be Premium-only which is $89/month
  • Low limits on account tracking and hashtag searches, meaning it’s not scalable
  • Hashtag search results are shallower and more generic than Flick’s in-depth, tailored suggestions
  • There’s no clear indication of how often they update their hashtag data
  • According to user reviews, it’s reportedly very hard to contact HashTagsForLikes for account or technical support

HashTagsForLikes Alternative: What Is Flick?

Flick is a powerful platform for managing Instagram hashtags and collecting insights from analytics. It’s designed to help Instagram users grow their account, business, and/or influence by reaching new audiences and is trusted by over 20,000 creators, brands, and marketers.

Flick: Key Features

  • Hashtag Search & Filtering: Enter a keyword and get 40 suggestions for hashtags related to your specific account. Open multiple searches at once to get more specific tag ideas without losing your existing search results. Hashtag search works in more than 20 languages. Filter hashtags using key-metrics such as the daily post count, total posts, average likes and more.
flick's grouped hashtag search

Search results are broken down into low, medium, and high competition so you can use a mix of terms that will be easy and hard to rank for on the explore page. Use the customizable smart filters to funnel results according to average likes, total likes, and daily average post count (DAPC).

  • Hashtag Audit: Once you’ve searched for and selected your hashtags, Flick’s Smart Audit allows you to visualize the distribution of their competition level, so you can see if you need more low or high competition tags. It identifies hashtags that might not be suitable for your account and flags any hashtags banned by Instagram.
flick's hashtag audit that shows banned hashtags
  • Hashtag Collections: Group and name sets of hashtags into Collections for future use. From here, you can also visualize and sort your selected hashtags by their metrics: Low, medium, or high competition, potential reach, total posts, DAPC, Average likes and comments.
  • Once you’ve started posting your hashtags to Instagram and tracking their performance, you’ll be able to sort your Collections by recently ranked and top-performing as well.

flick's hashtag manager / collections tab
  • Suggested Hashtags: If you’re still not sure which hashtags to use, Flick’s Suggested Hashtags tool (top right within Collections) will compile a list of terms we think will rank so you can add them to your campaign.
flick's suggested hashtag modal in app

  • Analytics: Access clear and advanced insight into how your hashtag strategy is performing. You can sort the data to look deeper into your content, hashtags, and your account in general, or check the overview for a more holistic look. Metrics include:
  • Content: Total posts, hashtags ranked, likes, comments, saves, engagement rate, impressions and reach for feed posts and IGTV; total impressions, completion rate, and slides per impression for Instagram stories.
  • Hashtags: Level of performance for individual terms, rank ratio, time spent ranking, average rank.
  • Account: Number of followers, reach rate, conversion rate, and click-through rate; audience activity, language, age, gender, and location so you can better plan what and when to post on Instagram.
  • Hashtag Tracking: Discover which hashtags your posts are ranking on as it happens. Simply open up the “content tab” within Analytics and you will see which hashtags have brought the most impressions to your account.
flick's instagram content analytics

What’s more, is that unlike Instagram Analytics, you don’t lose your data after a set period of time, and you can analyze the performance of individual hashtags. You can also get all of this advanced data sent straight to your inbox every week through email reports.

Flick's hashtag analytics page on desktop
  • Training & Tips: Extensive free guides, videos, and courses to help you grow your Instagram.
  • Flick’s Social Hub Community: As part of our commitment to helping people grow their Instagram, we have a community for content creators, social media managers, agencies, and anyone else who wants to discuss and boost their Instagram.
  • Open Benchmarks: This free tool allows you to visualize statistics for Instagram accounts with the same follower range as yours. You can then benchmark your performance and growth against your competitors.

Flick's Pricing

Flick's pricing plans

Flick has four pricing plans, each of which is very reasonably priced compared to HashTagsForLikes and other alternatives. The packages are transparent and based on the number of accounts and number of posts tracked for hashtag performance, with limits reflecting what each type of user actually requires. There’s a 7-day free trial for each plan and you can pay monthly or annually.

Flick Pros & Cons


  • All hashtag search results are tailored to your account and data is updated daily
  • Detailed Instagram Analytics Suite - growth-oriented
  • Very intuitive and easy-to-use UI
  • Loads of free resources to help you grow (Blog, Training, YouTube & Instagram)
  • New tools added regularly: a post scheduling tool coming soon means you’ll be able to manage your entire Instagram strategy via Flick
  • Your data is safe as we use Instagram's official API


  • Currently geared only to Instagram, not TikTok or other social media platforms, like HashTagsForLikes

Feature / Functionality



Hashtag Search & Filtering

*Limited based on plan

Audit Hashtag Groups

Hashtag Manager

Suggested Hashtags

Hashtag Popularity Metrics

iOS/Android App

Hashtag Performance Tracking

*Not for individual tags

IG Account Analytics

*Premium plan only

IG Content Analytics

IG Demogrpahic Analytics

Content Downloader

TikTok Hashtags

Free educational resources

Facebook Community

Benchmark live IG Analytics

Grow Your Instagram Safely And Authentically With Flick

While HashTagsForLikes is an effective hashtag search engine and offers some insight into hashtag metrics, it’s more expensive than Flick, and doesn’t offer  any of the automated workflows, or in-depth Analytics provided by Flick. 

If you’re specifically looking for a hashtag generator that you can use for up to five Instagram and TikTok accounts, it could be an option for you. However, judging by affordability, scalability, personalization of hashtag search results, the extent of in-depth analytics, and overall UI, Flick is the clear winner here. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Try our powerful hashtag management tool for free for seven days and watch your Instagram grow organically!

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