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Hashtagify Review: Using Flick as an Alternative to Grow Through Hashtags.

Looking for an Instagram hashtag tool? We've got you. In this article we'll be helping you identify key differences between Hashtagify and Flick.

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Instagram hashtag research is a tedious process. Finding the right hashtags can involve a lot of effort, as you trawl through relevant keywords and include them to your post. But when done right, it can significantly expand your organic reach and gain new followers in the process. 

Now, what if you can significantly reduce the time (and energy) spent on hashtag research, and gain the ability to track which hashtags are helping you reach new people? That’s what Instagram hashtag tools promise to do.

In this 8-minute read, we're going to review one of the most popular hashtag tools out there for Instagram: Hashtagify. It can automate your tedious hashtag research, surge organic reach, and grow your Instagram account.

The question is: are there better hashtag tools out there? If you’re looking for a great Hashtagify alternative, you want a hashtag tool that allows you to:

  • Search hundreds of relevant Instagram hashtags in minutes
  • Study key hashtag metrics
  • Save custom hashtag lists
  • Track and smart-suggest your best performing hashtags for re-use
  • See overall hashtag performance with interactive hashtag analytics pages

And while Hashtagify ticks some of these boxes, it might not be the best option for your Instagram account since it can be pricey, stands on an outdated interface, and others have found better alternatives with more hashtag marketing capabilities. 

That's where Flick comes in, an excellent Hashtagify alternative that could better address all your Instagram hashtag marketing needs for way less cost (72% less, if we’re getting specific). 

We got some reviewing and comparing to do before Uncle John gets here. So let’s get started. 

Hashtagify vs Flick: Key Differences

  • Hashtag search capabilities: While Hashtagify generates only a handful of relevant hashtags to your input, Flick can show hundreds of instant hashtag suggestions auto-categorized by competition level after typing just one keyword (you get auto search suggestions, too). You can control your hashtag results with Flick's advanced search filters, and see key hashtag metrics like potential organic reach and daily popularity so you can strategically target the best keywords for your Instagram posts.
  • Hashtag tracking and analytics tool: Although Hashtagify and Flick both have excellent hashtag tracking and documenting capabilities, Hashtagify doesn’t allow you to track higher-volume hashtags without upgrading to significantly more expensive plans, which isn't ideal for smaller businesses or creators. 

On the other hand, Flick tracks every keyword used in your Instagram posts with insights on content, account, and lets you download long-term performance reports starting at $8/month. 

  • Hashtag management: It's important to be able to save important hashtag lists and manage all your hashtag collections from one accessible hub. Flick takes the trophy with this one since they offer smart lists that autosave your recently ranked and top-performing hashtags for your convenience. Additionally, you can save unlimited hashtags and label lists to use for your next posts.

What is Hashtagify?

Hashtagify is a hashtag search tool for Twitter and Instagram which generates trending hashtags for a query with accompanying metrics to help gauge their potential. You can also find popular Twitter influencers and accounts to get inspiration for your hashtag strategy. It was founded in 2011 in Bangalore, India, by Dan Mazzini.

Hashtagify's Key Features

Hashtag popularity tracking

Hashtagify offers hashtag popularity tracking features that provide you important insights on the daily performance of your generated hashtags. This helps make more informed decisions on your upcoming campaigns and provides valuable information for analytics purposes.

See related hashtags

Hashtagify also offers hashtag suggestions related to your input, giving you a chance to discover and engage with semantic topics that could prove beneficial.

Top influencers

For any searched hashtag, you can find a list of top Twitter influencers ranking for it and see who's been sharing similar content. This provides ample research opportunities for your own brand's outreach strategies. You can sort these influencers by their influence, specialization, or followers:


Recent media examples

Hashtagify can pull top Instagram posts ranking for your searched hashtag right now to give you an idea of what kind of content is doing well for it. This feature is useful when you're trying to validate a hashtag's relevance to your post, or looking for new content ideas.


Hashtagify offers three plans accommodating varying business needs at different prices. They include a short snippet at the top of each plan to describe which option is best for different audiences.

Most social media managers and Instagram creators can get by with the PERSONAL plan, though they'll need to upgrade to BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE to track larger-volume hashtags and find more influencers per tracked hashtag.


  • Unlimited hashtag searches
  • Related hashtag suggestions
  • Real-time insights
  • Influencer insights


  • Limited hashtag tracking tools for low tier plans
  • Limited hashtag insights to only "TOTAL POSTS" & "RECENT INTERACTIONS"
  • Slow site load times
  • User interface could use some work

Hashtagify Alternative: Flick

Flick is a full-suite Instagram hashtag generator, manager, analytics and tracking tool. Its main goal is to simplify and supercharge your hashtag marketing strategy by providing hundreds of hashtag suggestions, best-in-class analytics to data-back your decisions, and manage all your findings in one intuitive hub.

Recently founded in 2018 in London, UK, Flick has one of the most attractive and easy-to-use interfaces used by 20 000+ Instagram creators, brands, and marketers alike.

"I no longer feel like I'm shooting in the dark, Flick's analytics are next level and allow me to continuously refine my client's strategy."

  • Karen Brajel, Instagram Marketing Expert

How is Flick better than Hashtagify?

Hashtagify is a phenomenal hashtag tracking tool—but, it's just that. Nothing more. And that's the "problem." 

See, Flick has a full suite of hashtag tools that helps Instagram marketers every step of the way—from hashtag research, to management, all the way to advanced tracking. It also has a mobile-ready application coupling its web tools, allowing you to work on your hashtag strategy anytime, anywhere—whereas Hashtagify is only available on your browser and computer.

Flick's Key Features

Hashtag Search 

Start searching for new Instagram hashtags with Flick's hashtag generator tool and get the most relevant suggestions displayed with important metrics—to help you gauge a hashtag's potential for organic reach.

It can generate up to hundreds of hashtag suggestions at once compared to Hashtagify's set 14 results. From there, Flick can categorize related hashtags by competition levels and provide individual metrics, whereas Hashtagify presents a jumbled display of a handful that the user has little control or insight over.

One of Flick's most underrated features is the preset smart search filters, which can learn what kind of hashtag parameters work best for your Instagram account's performance and auto-suggest it so you only see hashtags with the highest potential. You can also set custom filters if you need to look for hashtags of a specific nature.

Hashtag Collections (Management)

Has your brand been using sets of hashtags for a long time? You can save your best keywords and insights into labeled collections to create repeat winning strategies.


Flick has preset collections for all your recently used, ranked, and top-performing hashtags so you can access them anytime. If the presets aren't enough, you can create your own hashtag lists for any purpose or goal and label them for certain use cases.

Hashtagify unfortunately doesn't offer great hashtag management tools, so it's hard to save generated hashtags and build a repeat strategy.

Flick: Instagram Hashtag Tool

Hashtag Analytics (Advanced Tracking)

With Flick, you can get a macro view of your ranking Instagram hashtag performance within a set time period. See metrics on total hashtags used, how many of them actually ranked in the 'top posts' feed (rank ratio), total time spent ranking in the 'top posts' feed, and the average ranking position.

But, it can also show you individual metrics on specific hashtags and show your top-performing options. This way, you can double down on what's working and flag your poor-performing hashtags.

You're also able to create custom hashtag reports and metrics that you can download to share with team members, clients, or your Grandma if she's into that sort of stuff. And again, you can use preset filters to understand your top-performing hashtags for any length of time, including trending hashtags.

Though Hashtagify is an excellent hashtag tracking tool as well, it mostly limits the useful reporting features to the enterprise-grade plans, while Flick makes hashtag monitoring accessible to all users across all plans in multiple areas from content, to hashtags, to account metrics.

The Complete Hashtag Analytics Guide 2020 - Flick


Flick has some of the most affordable pricing plans for any kind of business. Their most popular plan for content creators and entrepreneurs, for example, starts around $12 USD/month. 

But if you need more extensive post and Instagram account tracking capabilities, you can upgrade to the Pro or Agency Plan. It’s also worth noting that, unlike Hastagify, Flick offers a 7-day FREE trial for all their plans and 20% OFF if you subscribe to their annual plan. 

Feature / Functionality



Hashtag Generator

(Live metrics, search filters, and auto-categorization)

Hashtag Metrics

Limited to Premium Plans

Available on all plans

Hashtag Manager

Suggested Hashtags

Influencer Tracking

Web & Mobile Accesibility

Browser Only

Preview existing IG posts (for generated hashtags)

Text only

Full Preview on hover

IG Account Analytics

IG Content Analytics

IG Demogrpahic Analytics

Content Manager & Scheduler


Starts at $29/mo

Starts at $7/mo


All-in-all, no matter which hashtag tool you use, branding yourself and growing on Instagram has never been easier with automated hashtag solutions.

Yes, Hashtagify is a long-standing industry leader for hashtag tracking and discovery for Twitter and Instagram, but if you're looking for more robust social media management tools, then Flick might be a better option. 

From hashtag research to management, to analytics—it has all the essentials you need to build up your brand's influence on Instagram in one place with little fuss.

Flick makes finding, using and tracking the performance of hashtags easy.
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