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Everything you need to know about Guest Posting with Flick.

Looking for an Instagram hashtag tool? We've got you. In this article we'll be helping you identify key differences between Hashtagify and Flick.

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Looking to become a contributor to the Flick blog? We’re always on the hunt for guest post contributors with great writing skills and knowledge of Instagram marketing. You could be exactly who we’re looking for to write for us.

Let’s be clear: we don’t just take guest posts from anyone. We value quality. Of course, if you know our Instagram hashtag and analytics tool, you’ll know that. And that’s what we expect from our guest blog writers too.

With that said, we’ve put together these guest post guidelines. Learn about Flick and what content we do and don’t publish to decide if you’re the right person to write for us.

All About Flick

First up, you need to understand our brand and how to use Flick to be able to write for us. Flick is an Instagram hashtag manager, analytics tool, and (soon to be!) scheduling platform. We’re trusted by 20,000 (and counting!) individuals, businesses, and influencers to grow their social media presence by reaching new audiences on Instagram.

Select A Topic From Our Pre-Vetted List

We have a list of guest posting topics based on our keyword research. Select one that you feel comfortable writing, and feel free to email us, should you have any questions.

Content Guidelines You Need To Become A Contributor

So now you know the basics about Flick, let’s take a look at our standards when it comes to publishing guest posts and other content. We’ve included examples of our blog articles, which we strongly encourage you to read to get a feel for our style and tone.

Original Content

While experience writing about social media marketing is really useful, due to the nature of the Flick platform, your article must include content about Instagram marketing, and ideally around Instagram hashtags, if relevant. 

We do not accept topics we’ve already published on and we do not tolerate plagiarism. Google does not like duplicate content, and neither does our audience. At the end of the day, as well as ranking higher on Google, we want to provide real value to our readers to help their Instagram accounts grow. That’s why quality and originality are so important to us!

But don’t worry: Actionable Tips & Contextual Examples

We don’t want high-level fluff and generic ideas i.e. content for the sake of content. Your article should read like a tutorial, giving specific insights that readers can actually act upon:

  • Prioritize writing about strategies, frameworks, and models that our readers can apply in practice
  • Contextualize the theory: incorporate relevant and useful statistics (properly referenced, of course) with your own analysis; original anecdotes and examples
  • Include screenshots to back up your examples: of Flick’s tools, of Instagram, and of any other relevant use cases, like in this article explaining ​​how to tell if you’ve ranked on a hashtag.

Comprehensive Information

It’s 2022: Google is as discerning as human readers. The search engine’s algorithms favor content that demonstrates topical authority, and that means ensuring your guest post has informational breadth and depth around its keywords.

The articles you write for us should be based on comprehensive keyword research (may we suggest using Flick? 😉), covering:

  • Target (usually high-performing) keyword(s)
  • Longtail, low-performing keywords
  • Question keywords and “People also ask” phrases
  • Thorough appraisal of the keywords and topic you’re writing about, including different solutions to the problem at hand
  • Mentions of Flick throughout the article (hyperlinked to the relevant page of the Flick website)

For example, if you’re writing a guide on “how to go viral on Instagram Reels” your article needs to cover what viral means in this context and the most effective strategies that will actually help the reader go viral with real-life examples for each. It should also, as in the linked example, show the reader how using Flick can help them achieve their goal of going viral, selling our product with purpose.

Easy Reading

We’re looking for fun and friendly guest posts with a conversational tone. The article should read as if you’ve developed a continuous relationship with the readers from one post to the next - even if this is the first one you write for us.

Make the content clear and concise. That includes having short, simple sentences. A Nielsen Norman Group study revealed 79% of web users scan read new pages they come across: your article needs to be easily consumed by that majority!

Always keep the target audience in mind. Chances are they’re already pretty confident using Instagram, so don’t add unnecessary fluff and explanations. You’re not explaining IGTV to your tech-phobic mother!

Good Grammar & Spelling

This should really go without saying. Great English writing skills are essential for creating high-quality, easily readable content. Install and use Grammarly (or another spellchecker) with everything you write for us and make proofreading second nature.

Reliable & Relevant Links

Including links in an article is important for a number of reasons. External links allow you to properly credit the source of your data or image to avoid plagiarism issues and provide readers with more context. Importantly, linking to other, relevant content on the Flick website will help boost rankings on Google, a key part of our SEO strategy.

Ensure the links you use are reliable and trustworthy (if external) and make sure the anchor text you use is organic and relevant. Promotional, out-of-context, and links to other companies’ services are not permitted and will be removed.

Logical Structure

Going hand in hand with the above guidelines, having a logical structure will ensure your article is concise, comprehensive, and easy to read. Always create a narrative around the product - in this case, Flick’s hashtag research and analytics tools and sell it with purpose, showing readers how the product can help them.

Below, we’ve included a brief template to guide your guest post content creation:

Flick Guest Post: Outline Template


  • Mention the main keyword in the first line
  • Mention Flick at least once, with a hyperlink
  • Include secondary keywords if natural and relevant
  • Keep it brief


  • Break into sections with clear H2>H3>H4 headings and create subsections if a section has more than four paragraphs
  • Include at least two linked CTAs to use Flick per 1000 words
  • Paragraphs should have max. 45 words 
  • Mention primary and secondary keywords throughout


  • Heading should be a CTA
  • Mention Flick with a CTA

Zero Tolerance Plagiarism Policy

We already mentioned the importance of originality when you write for us, but this is such a dealbreaker that we thought we’d double down: we have zero tolerance for plagiarism or writers using AI tools. We will immediately cease working with you if this happens. Plagiarism can include:

  • Using the same ideas in your article as in another published work
  • Using identical section headings or sentences from other articles with slight alterations (with very generic headings as an exception)
  • Using metaphors, examples, and case studies in your content that have been copied from other published work
  • Using statistics, images, or other data without giving credit where it’s due

Style Guidelines To Write For Us

Please follow the below guidelines to contribute an article that maintains our style, tone, and mood:

  • Write in American English
  • Include at least 4 links from our website.
  • Use title casing for headings and subheadings (This Is Title Casing)
  • Make your sentences short and clear, but do vary sentence lengths to convey tone and mood
  • Be playful with your language! The article should be both fun and educational. 
  • Include 45 - 60 words per paragraph and no more than four paragraphs per section

Why Become a Guest Post Contributor?

Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks from a reputable site, establish your topical authority on social media and Instagram marketing, and open up your work to a whole new audience. 

Are You The Right Person To Write For Us?

If you’re an experienced writer with high standards of spelling and grammar, great research and SEO skills, and knowledge of social media marketing and Instagram marketing, we’d encourage you to become a contributor to Flick.

Get in Touch

Up for the challenge of writing for us? Get in touch ( with your article proposal! Don’t forget to follow our guest post guidelines and read up on our existing content on the Flick blog to make sure you’re on the right lines.

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