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Scale your social media management services with Iris.

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How Iris Works

You lead the strategy. Iris helps with the repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

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Upload Client Context

Teach Iris about your client's business, goals, and offerings.

Align on Strategy

Outline content pillars, posts types, media formats, etc.

Content planned for you

Every month, Iris drafts your client's content calendar.

First-draft posts created

Iris creates posts for you to review, tweak and schedule.


Meet the community

As a small business, we couldn't afford a dedicated member of staff for social media. Iris has made it possible for us to maintain a strong social media presence with minimal effort.
James Watson
Owner of Skipton Boat Trips
I've managed to automate nearly 70% of my client work with Iris. I have clients with very different needs across a variety of niches and the suggestions for each is spot on.
Julia Cohen
Freelance Social Marketer
I have never produced so many posts in such a short time and I actually had fun with it too! We're an e-commerce business so creating posts at scale has always been important to us.
SMM at Voss Cosmetics

Features Breakdown

Increase your capacity without compromising on quality or results.

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Brand Hub

No more battling with ChatGPT. Iris creates high-quality, branded first-draft posts every single time.

Brand Voice and Tone

After analyzing your client's social posts, Iris is able to write on-band captions that sound just like you intended them too.

Relevant Suggestions

Iris deeply understands the nuanced requirements for different business types on social media. Adding business information to the Brand Hub ensures Iris’ suggestions are always on topic and highly specific for your client's business.

Products and Services

Easily link any of your client's products or services to the Brand Hub. This enables Iris to accurately include them in posts and content suggestions.


Remain in control. Iris follows the unique strategy you've created for each client.

Highly Configurable

After you've uploaded your strategy, you can tweak and play around with all the individual parts to your heart’s content, helping Iris get more specific in the process.

Utilizes Content Pillars

Use content pillars to keep your post suggestions on theme and aligned with client objectives. Easily modify or replace pillars as needed.

Trained on 40k+ Brands

Iris has analyzed thousands of businesses across numerous industries, ensuring that its ideas, captions, and suggestions help your clients stand out and achieve their goals.

Content Planning

Organization made simple. Iris thoughtfully plans your client's content calendar using your strategy.

Product Promotion

Products and services stored inside your Brand Hub will be included inside your content suggestions and finished posts.

Media Analysis

During the planning process, if you add existing videos or photos, Iris will use that media to better tailor your content exactly to you.

Feedback and Edits

During the content creation process, you can always provide Iris with feedback to ensure she’s on the right track.

Content Creation

Speed up content creation. Iris writes captions, video scripts, content briefs, and everything in-between.

Content Suggestions

For content Iris can’t create, like video, she will provide detailed step-by-step instructions (like a video script!) to help you create the content with as little fuss as possible.

Finished Posts

Upload any media from your backlog and Iris will transform it into a polished, ready-to-publish post.

Your new post will be strategically placed onto your content calendar with the caption written, hashtags added, and scheduled for your approval using your best times to post.

And Much More

Iris helps across all areas of content creation. You can expect help with:

- Caption Writing
- Graphic Design
- Video Scripts
- Content Repurposing
- Post Optimization

Viral Trend Suggestions

Create viral content faster. Iris finds trends and helps you tailor their usage for each client.

Viral Trends Library

Iris maintains an up-to-date library of all viral trends, perfect for keeping yourself in the loop. You'll also be notified about any new additions as they become popular on social.

Viral Content Suggestions

All viral trends can be vessels for content. Iris guides you on what to create based on each specific client.

Made for Your Business

Adding key information about your business to the Brand Hub ensures Iris’ ideas and captions are always on-topic and on-brand.

Frequently Asked Questsions

Have a question about Iris, the AI Social Media Assistant? Take a look at the answers to the frequently asked questions.

What is Iris, AI Social Media Assistant?

Iris is an AI Social Media Assistant that lives inside of Flick, an extensive social media marketing platform. Iris builds you a strategy, plans your monthly content for you, and helps create a high portion of that content.

What is Flick?

Flick is an all-in-one social media marketing platform. Featuring scheduling, hashtag tools, analytics, and AI social media tools to help you manage and grow your social media more easily

Will Iris schedule posts without asking?

No. Iris will never post anything to your social media channels without asking for your approval first. Iris will create draft posts and content suggestions. You will always remain in control of what is scheduled for posting.

Can I schedule posts using Iris and Flick?

Yes! With Flick, you can plan and schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn from a visual content calendar. You can also preview your future feed, and access the best hashtags available from one easy-to-use platform.

Iris utilizes Flick' Scheduler to plan and schedule posts for you.

Will the AI written captions sound like me?

Yes! Iris will analyze your writing to create a set of rules she can follow. You can control the style of your caption. Whether your captions are formal or fun, long or short, you’ll be able to modify these settings to your liking. We're also committed to continued development of our AI caption writing.

Is the AI content generated original?

Yes! Everything that Iris creates is tailored for your business and original.

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