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How to Start a Fundraiser on Instagram

Want to set up a fundraiser on Instagram? In today’s article we show you how to set one up, and give you ideas for creatively sharing it.

Posted 2 years ago
how to start a fundraiser on instagram

Written by

Sam King
Posted 2 years ago
In recent years, Instagram introduced the ability to create a fundraiser for causes close to your heart. This was a great step for the platform in helping users give back, but also talk about important issues by using a platform that reaches billions of people.
Today, we’ll show you the basics of how to set up an Instagram fundraiser, how to use the feature, and some fun ideas to try when campaigning for donations.

How to Start a Fundraiser on Instagram

  1. To start a fundraiser on Instagram, click the ‘+’ in the right-hand corner of your profile, and select ‘fundraiser’.
  2. Next, you’ll be given the option to search for a registered charity you want to raise money for, using the search function.
  3. Select your chosen charity, and then fill out the details about your fundraiser, adding a photo, description, fundraising goal, and any collaborators.
  4. Click ‘share fundraiser’ and it will be added to your Instagram bio and your main feed!
💡 Watch the video below to watch the step-by-step:

How to fundraise on Instagram Stories

Not only can you set up a fundraiser that lives in your feed, but you can also make use of Instagram Stories, and their handy fundraising sticker feature.
Create a story, and then select the sticker option. This will give you a list of options, including the ‘donation sticker’. Once you click this, you will have the option to search for a charity, and add this sticker to the Story.
how to fundraiser Instagram

How to fundraise on Instagram Live

Finally, you can also fundraise on Instagram Live. Here’s how to do it.
  1. Once again, in the top right-hand corner click the ‘+’ button.
  2. Select the Live option, and then select the fundraiser option on the left side of your screen.
  3. From here, you can choose your fundraiser as normal, which will appear during your livestream.
how to fundraiser Instagram

How to make your Instagram fundraiser go further

Your fundraiser will be automatically shared to your followers once you create it, but it’s likely you’ll want to reach more people, to raise as many donations as possible. There are a few ways you can do this…

1. Use Hashtags #️⃣

People discover content on Instagram by searching via hashtags, so it’s important you incorporate relevant hashtags in your fundraiser, in order to make it more discoverable by target audiences. Utilize niche hashtags that reference the charity, cause and interests of those that you think are most likely to donate. You can search for the best hashtags to get you the most reach by using Flick, here.

2. Craft your caption 📝

Your caption will often be the first or second port of call (after your image or video), so it’s important you get it right. In the first line of your caption make it clear what you are fundraising for, and then elaborate on why the cause is important to you, and what donations are directly helping with.
This will help your followers not only understand the charity and the cause you are raising money for, but also will establish a more personal connection, which will help prompt people to donate or share. More on caption crafting in this article!

3. Share your fundraiser across different platforms 💌

Got a Facebook account? Of course, you do. Have an email? We hope so. Utilize all of your platforms to share your fundraiser, and get it as far as possible. You can also ask your friends to share, by posting an Instagram Story linking to your fundraiser.

4. Remind people about your Instagram fundraiser 💸

Instagram is such a fast-moving platform, that it can be hard to capture people’s attention, and then retain it. Some people might see your initial post, and think to themselves “this is a great cause, I’ll donate to that later”, but forget to come back to it. It’s important you keep your fundraiser front of mind, by promoting it in your Stories, adding a CTA to your captions, or even creating content directly about it through Reels or feed posts.

How to keep track of your Instagram fundraiser 👀

Want to see how close you are to your goal and how much more fundraising you need to do? Instagram allows you to see exactly who has donated, as well as how much, on your fundraising page.
You can also thank those that took the time to donate and share, by highlighting them on your page or sending them a message.
You’re now ready to kickstart your fundraiser, whether it be on Stories, Live or your feed, and what better time to start than the holiday season? If you want more Instagram tips, you can join our community, by clicking the banner below!

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How to Start a Fundraiser on Instagram

How to fundraise on Instagram Stories

How to fundraise on Instagram Live

How to make your Instagram fundraiser go further

How to keep track of your Instagram fundraiser 👀

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