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The 8 Best Apps to Edit Your Instagram Videos and Reels

These user-friendly tools will help you edit your Instagram videos so you can better engage your audience, increase marketing opportunities, and strengthen your brand.

Posted 1 year ago
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Alex Rosone
Posted 1 year ago
It’s no secret videos on Instagram have become just as popular as pictures. If you scroll through the app, you’re bound to come across just as many stories, Reels, and IGTV videos as you are photos, and it’s time to use that to our advantage. Since the app has become video-heavy, plenty of tools and apps have also been developed to help social media managers and Instagram users to make the most of these features. So, if you aren’t a tech wizard, fear not! Here are some user-friendly tools to help you edit your Instagram videos so you can better engage your audience, increase marketing opportunities, and strengthen your brand.

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    inshot video editor


    InShot is the perfect place to start your video editing journey. This app will transform and edit your Instagram videos, allowing you to add music, filters, transitions, text, and special effects. It also does what is sometimes seemingly impossible: turns horizontal videos into Reels (which is huge, we know).
    This tool will also speed up videos, slow them down, trim the footage, or splice them up. InShot will take the quality of your videos through the roof, and both your brand and your audience will thank you.
    clips video editor


    Clips is the ultimate tool for closed captioning. If you want subtitles on your videos (which most of us do), Clips is one of the best tools for accuracy and customizable display.
    Its capabilities, however, don’t stop there. With Clips you can also add stickers, filters, emojis, and intro/outro messages. If you’re trying to reach an audience even without sound, Clips is the way to go.
    splice video editor


    If you’re into cinematic effects and film-style content, Splice is perfect for you. This tool is perfect for adjusting video speed, syncing clips to music, and trimming footage. Splice will also allow you to add transitions, backgrounds, filters, effects, and other dynamic elements.
    Even if you don’t have a professional videographer on your team, Splice will make it so no one has to know.
    adobe rush video editor

    Adobe Rush

    Adobe Rush is here for simple, straightforward video editing. You can shoot, edit, and share within the app, and you’ll have access to templates for Reels to streamline your content creation.
    The aim of the app is convenience and efficiency, so if you’re looking to create, edit, and publish your Reels without any fuss, Adobe Rush is the place to be.
    kine video editor


    Most of the time, it feels like there’s nothing KineMaster cannot do. This app will make your videos polished and professional, elevating your brand’s Instagram presence and better engaging your audience.
    With KineMaster, you’ll be able to add sound effects, trim clips, create animations, overlay text, add transitions, use motion graphics, the list goes on. Not to mention you can record voice-overs, which we still can’t do via Instagram Reels.
    FilmoraGo video editor


    FilmoraGo, the mobile version of the original Filmora, is a popular option for how easy it is to use, even for those who might night be so technologically advanced. This app allows you to boost the visual appeal of your video content with stickers, text, and various other animated overlays.
    What might be the most appealing element of the app, however, is the royalty-free music library. You can browse hundreds of thousands of songs to find the perfect soundtrack for your Reels, allowing you to reach your audience in meaningful, emotional ways.
    Magisto video editor


    Magisto offers a double feature of productivity: editing and analytics. This tool allows you not only to create and edit Instagram videos but also to measure your social media performance.
    So, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for customizing your videos and analyzing their success, look no further. Magisto is the perfect combination of creativity and logic for any brand.
    video editor


    VideoShow is a versatile tool for beginners and professionals alike. Like many others, this app’s features include cutting and splicing videos, adding text and graphic elements, applying dynamic transitions, extracting audio, manipulating backgrounds, and more.
    VideoShow even lets you draw your own creations, so you can really customize your videos to your brand’s content. Its sharing properties couldn’t be easier, making it another excellent choice for social media marketing.

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    So, it’s time to say goodbye to the stress of video editing. With these tools, the process can be fun, customizable, and accessible for any brand or social media manager.
    Go forth and play around, videographers. We look forward to seeing you on Instagram Reels. 😏 And if you’re looking for new apps that … aren’t Instagram, here are some of our favorite social media apps.

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