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funny cat captions for instagram

100+ funny cat captions for instagram

Looking for hilarious captions to accompany your funny cat posts on Instagram? A good caption can make your audience laugh and increase engagement on your posts. With the right words, you can add an extra dose of humor to your adorable feline content.
Writing captions can be a daunting task, especially when you're aiming for funny and witty ones. But worry no more! We've got you covered with a collection of the best, short, and hilarious captions specifically crafted for your funny cat photos on Instagram.
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Best funny cat captions for instagram

When it comes to funny cat captions, you need the best ones that can truly make your audience burst into laughter. Check out our handpicked selection of the funniest and most entertaining captions for your furry friends.
I'm not kitten, this cat is hilarious!
Pawsitively the funniest cat you'll see today.
Can't stop laughing at this silly feline.
This cat knows how to crack meowt!
Feline good with a dose of humor.
If cats could talk, they'd tell the funniest jokes.
Sharing giggles with my furry friend.
This cat is the ultimate comedy purrformer.
Funny cat captions never fail to make my day.
This cat will make you smile, guaranteed!

Short funny cat captions for instagram

Sometimes, a short and concise caption is all you need to deliver a punchline. Check out our collection of short and hilarious captions that perfectly complement your funny cat photos.
Pure cat-itude!
Too funny for words.
Unfurgettable moments with this cat.
Cat-tastically hilarious!
No words, just laughter.
This cat = Instant smiles.
Funny furball alert!
Bringing the LOLs with this cat.
Short, sweet, and funny as can be.
Life is better with a funny cat by your side.

Funny funny cat captions for instagram

Ready to bring out the big laughs? Our collection of funny and witty cat captions will make your Instagram audience double over with laughter. Get ready for some hilarious captions for your funny cat moments.
This cat has a PhD in making me laugh.
The master of funny faces and hilarious poses.
Silly cat, always causing laughter wherever it goes.
I challenge you not to laugh at this cat's shenanigans.
Funny cat = Instant mood lifter.
This cat has a black belt in comedy.
The Joker has nothing on this hilarious cat.
Warning: Excessive laughter ahead with this cat.
They say laughter is the best medicine, meet the doctor.
When life gets tough, look at this cat and laugh.

Cute funny cat captions for instagram

Combine cuteness and humor with our collection of cute and funny cat captions. These captions will not only make your audience smile but also melt their hearts with adorable feline moments.
Cuteness overload alert!
This cat has mastered the art of melting hearts.
Funny and adorable, the perfect cat combination.
Prepare for a cuteness-induced smile.
The embodiment of cute and humorous.
This cat's cuteness is off the charts!
Fluffy and funny, a perfect feline combo.
Cutest cat in town brings the laughs too.
Warning: Cuteness may cause uncontrollable laughter.
Funny cats with an extra serving of cuteness.

Engaging funny cat captions for instagram

Want to keep your audience engaged and entertained? These engaging cat captions will not only make them laugh but also encourage them to interact with your posts. Get ready for an Instagram feed filled with laughter.
Caption this hilarious cat moment!
Tag a friend who needs a good laugh.
Fill in the blank: This cat is _______.
Is this the funniest cat you've ever seen? Comment below!
Funny cats deserve funny comments. Go!
Double tap if this cat made you smile.
Can you resist laughing at this cat's antics? We can't!
Share this post with someone who needs a good chuckle.
Leave a funny caption below and make us laugh!
Guess what this cat is thinking. Funniest answer wins!

funny cat captions for instagram with Lyrics

Add a musical twist to your funny cat captions with our collection of lyrics-inspired lines. These captions will have your audience singing along and laughing at the same time.
Meow meow meow, that's all I'm sayin'.
This cat is singing 'I Will Survive'.
Cat got the moves like Jagger.
Singing 'Sweet Cat o' Mine' in the shower.
If I had nine lives, I'd spend them all with this cat.
This cat's theme song: 'Don't Stop Meow'.
Serenading you with 'Cat in the USA'.
Rocking out to 'Livin' on a Prayer' with this cat.
This cat's got swagger like Jagger.
Singing 'Hello' by Adele in cat language.

Quotes for funny cat captions for instagram

Looking for some wise and funny words to accompany your funny cat posts? Our collection of quotes for funny cats will give you the perfect caption inspiration. Get ready to share laughs with a touch of wisdom.
"Time spent with cats is never wasted." - Sigmund Freud
"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this." - Terry Pratchett
"Cats choose us; we don't own them." - Kristin Cast
"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." - James Herriot
"A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not." - Ernest Hemingway
"Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience." - Pam Brown
"Cats are magical; the more you pet them, the longer you both live." - Unknown
"Cats have it all... admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it." - Rod McKuen
"Cats have a way of finding the sunny spots in life." - Unknown
"I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days." - Bill Dana

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