Creating your posts in order to collect relevant data to improve your strategy.

Hashtag Research

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You’re almost there! Now we’re ready to push your content out into the world of Instagram, and get it in front of the eyes of your target audience.

How to use hashtags when you’re posting:

Relevancy is key to the performance of your hashtags, so if you're making a post and you feel a specific set is a lot more relevant than your planned set, feel free to swap them - the schedule is just for guidance. If you find that you haven't used a set enough, just make an additional post at the end of the challenge to bring up the usage numbers!

As you post, tick off the set you used in your schedule, and make sure you’re keeping track of the sets you’re using.

Pro tip: Before you start posting, check the best time to post based on your account in Flick's Analytics Overview. This will ensure you're posting at the optimum time, giving your posts an even better chance of getting the engagement they deserve.

How many times should you post before reviewing your hashtag performance?

This is the 8 post challenge, so we suggest 8 times. This is because it allows you to use each hashtag 4 times, but if you’d like to post more you can.

We understand that waiting for 8 posts can feel like a long time, but don't worry, we've got your back! You can check up on the post-level performance the day after you've posted within Analytics.

You can check in on your performance so far using the Content tab within the Analytics suite, here you can see the position that your posts ranked on within each hashtag.

We group these into Top 9, 10th to 25th, 25th to 50th & 50th to 100th.

This data is great to help you discover what worked for that post, but we don’t suggest that you make any decisions based on one single post, continue with our planned hashtag schedule.

Pro tip: Try not to make decisions too early! Just because a hashtag hasn't performed highly on one post, doesn't mean it won't on another. Try not to switch any hashtags in your sets until the


After all your hard work last lesson, this one should be a little bit easier. All you have to do is post! Follow the 8 post challenge schedule, and post 8 times, using the hashtag sets as evenly as possible.